Razer Sphex V2: Ultra-Thin Form Factor – Optimized Gaming Surface – Polycarbonate Finish – Gaming Mouse Mat





Designed to give gamers a seamless desktop experience, the Razer Sphex V2 is the ultra-thin gaming mouse Pad mat which delivers high tracking quality for both laser and optical gaming mice. Made from extra durable polycarbonate with an improved adhesive base, this mouse Mat stays in top condition and firmly in place even through really intense play, so you have the peace of mind to zero in on your game.

– Ultra-Thin 0.5 mm/ 0.02 in surface>- excellent tracking quality for both laser and optical mice
– extra durable polycarbonate finish
– approximate size: 355 mm/ 14 in (length) x 254 mm/ 10 in (width) x 0.5 mm/ 0.02 in (height)
– approximate weight: 51 g/ 0.11 lb

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