MDRN Living RGB Gaming Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest – Extra Large LED Light Rubber Mat – Computer, Laptop, Desktop Setup Accessories – Soft Ergonomic Lighted Support Pads, USB Cord Plug




Looking for a mouse pad that helps you improve your gaming experience?

Mouse pads are simple but critical accessories for gaming. Many electronic stores offer different types, but few offer pads that are functional and make your setup look sharper.

Working with a subpar mouse pad is possible, but not ideal. It shortens the life of your mouse. Plus, less friction and grip leads to erratic cursor movements–unacceptable in games where accuracy is the key to victory.

The MDRN Living RGB Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest takes your skills to the next level.

Our modern gaming pad is large and easily fits your mouse, monitor, keyboard, and PC or laptop. It provides a smooth glide to your mouse, increasing your precision and eliminating jerky movements on-screen.

Go full techno with the mouse pad’s LED backlight. You can choose from 6 light colors and 4 lighting combos. No software is required, simply plug-in the pad and pick your ambient light with our one button control system.

Unlike other oversized mouse pads, ours come with an ultra plush memory foam wrist support. Game all night and day without stressing your muscles and nerves. Reduce your risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome–the dreaded health issue that plagues gamers and puts even pros out of commission.

Still not convinced? Check out other notable benefits of our gaming accessories:

✅ Extra-large 31.5”x11.8” pad and wrist rest support
✅ Rolls up for easy storage
✅ Does not require gift wrappers with its stylish box container.

Upgrade your skills and gaming station. Add the MDRN Living RGB Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest to your cart TODAY!

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